Friday, November 17, 2017

MLP Episode 711: Not Asking for Trouble

Okay, this was an episode I was dreading even before it came out. I never liked the episode Party Pooped and that was down to how the yaks - especially their pathetic excuse for a leader, Rutherford - acted in that particular episode. But could Not Asking for Trouble prove my fears wrong?

Oh boy... where do I begin?

For a start, the plot was painfully sluggish. They try adding humor, but the jokes are extremely forced and... actually, it's the same joke they recycle because they thought it would be funny if they used it over and over again by doing it differently each time. It doesn't make an episode funny, it makes it tedious to sit through. Heck, even the animation feels a bit lazy there.

And like Party Pooped, Rutherford is an incompetent ruler who can't even build a hut to save his hair. Seriously, did he not think that many young yaks could eventually die of hypothermia and starvation? And given who we have in the White House, that feels frighteningly accurate.

Another problem is a bit on the minor side, but I'll mention it anyway; why did Pinkie not think about going to the Crystal Empire than all the way back to Ponyville since, you know, it's closer to Yakyakistan than Ponyville? I know it has no affect on the plot, but it's just another example of continuity being cherry-picked.

But the episode's biggest downfall is the moral. Pinkie insists that the yaks should ask for help, which is what the episode seemed to take until the ending where... well, I don't know! It comes off as a stupid joke and it sends mixed messages to an impressionable audience!

Final Thoughts
I apologize if the review is incredibly short, but the episode was so boring it very much gave me little to talk about. It felt like there was no heart put into the story whatsoever and that they relied on humor as a crutch. At least with All Bottled Up, I can actually see where the episode was going with its message, but Not Asking for Trouble? I really don't know, nor do I care. It's a bad episode not worth watching again.

Rating: 1 out of 10

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