Sunday, September 2, 2018

MLP Episode 824: Father Knows Beast

Here we go; the penultimate episode of season eight is here! Season seven's penultimate episode, Uncommon Bond, was a total let down, but let's see how Father Knows Beast stacks up!

This review contains spoilers; viewer discretion is advised.

Father Knows Beast
Written by Josh Haber

Everyone's been asking this question for years; what are Spike's parents like? Why did they abandon him? How did he end up living with ponies rather than dragons? This episode answers... none of them, sadly. Well, they sort of answer the first two questions, but it's mostly Sludge talking out of his ass.

In fact, starting with the second act, it becomes obvious that he's lying about being Spike's father... and the little purple dragon doesn't notice from the start. Considering what he witnessed in the past, you'd think he'd learn not to be so gullible.

That being said, the episode does have its own merits. After Sludge crashes into Ponyville, we see a montage of the Mane Six and Spike caring for him, helping him to get better. Even if he comes off as a despicable jerk in the end, the montage still has funny moments like him going off to drink some apple cider and having the Wonderbolts fly him.

And that's not even mentioning the song about being a "real" dragon is pretty good. I don't know why, but I got vibes of Monsters, Inc. from listening to it.

It's also nice to expand more on Spike and Smolder's friendship; some ship them, but I see them more as brother and sister if Molt Down (also by Haber) is anything to go by. Having lived in Ponyville for a while, Smolder is understandably disgusted by Sludge's behavior, and even helps Spike in sending him packing. Between her, Ocellus, and Gallus, it's now hard for me to decide which of the Young Six is my second favorite.

Final Thoughts
Apparently, the next season of Friendship is Magic could be the last ever, and if that's the case, it's probably for the best because there's only so long a show can last - just look at The Simpsons. I don't know if it's true or not, but if it is, then it was enjoyable while it lasted.

Overall, I don't think Father Knows Beast is one of season eight's strongest, but it's still a good, enjoyable episode in the end and the lesson Spike learned was a useful one for kids to learn. That said, it is a sign that the series might be creatively stagnant and needs to end soon.

And in case anybody is asking; yes, I am going to be reviewing School Raze, but I'll be doing it in video format like I did with School Daze. I plan to have the review out around the time the episode officially airs in North America, around the time they've caught up with Australia. One thing I will say at this point; there's a lot working against School Raze...!

Rating: Good

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