Sunday, October 29, 2017

MLP Episode 706: Forever Filly

So far, we got two amazing episodes, a premiere that borders on okay, and a decent Maud Pie episode. But how will Forever Filly stack up?

When was the last time Rarity and Sweetie Belle had an episode together? Season four? (Yes, they were seen together during seasons five and six, but they weren't the main focus.) If that's the case, then this feels a lot more special than Maud Pie appearances, where she seems to show up at least once a season.

Rarity and Sweetie Belle have the best of the Mane Six/Crusader dynamics. Applejack and Apple Bloom very much interact on a near daily basis under the same roof, and Scootaloo basically feels a miniaturized Rainbow Dash who can't fly... only less jerkish. Rarity and Sweetie Belle, on the other hoof, have differing personalities, and the latter lives with their parents and often visits the former.

Here, both sisters are relatable and sympathetic; you feel for Sweetie Belle when she doesn't want to hurt her big sister's feelings, and you feel for Rarity when she wants to please her little sister but forgets how much she's grown in the past few seasons.

The theme is further strengthened by the subplot with Zipporwhill (that Latin-accented filly from Filli Vanilli) and her dog Ripley; she wonders why he won't play with the toys he did as a puppy. He's grown up, as did his owner, and just doesn't care for the toys anymore. When a stick stuck in Rarity's mane gets thrown to the ground, suddenly he gains interest in it and wants to play fetch.

It's not just the sisters, Zipporwhill and Ripley; every character in the episode is brilliant, even those who appear for a few gags like the stallion with the afro manecut and the pony holding a heart-shaped balloon. Those little moments were great! Also, is it just me, or does Chip Cutter feel reminiscent of people with autism?

But the thing I love most about this episode is how much the Crusaders have grown in the last seven years. Not just in the series itself, but their voice actors have also grown with them. I mean, compare this to Call of the Cutie in season one; you can hear how much Michelle, Madeleine and Claire have grown in the last six years.

And of course, the ending is one of the show's sweetest; even if Rarity and Sweetie Belle have grown up, there's still a little filly within them, which is another fantastic theme.

Final Thoughts
There were really no problems with the episode at all; it was beautiful and heartwarming from beginning to end, and it presents some of the most mature themes in a kids' show. I could say more, but there's so much you can praise an episode before it becomes old.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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